*NOTE: Unclear objectives are explained in parenthesis.*

Prepper Survive 5 days in your fallout shelter.
I will survive! Last 10 days in your fallout shelter.
Survivalist Stay in your fallout shelter for 20 days.
Last man standing Stay alive in your fallout shelter for 40 days.
Konrad Style! Beat the fallout shelter survival record. (Survive 111 days)
Souper! Collect 10 soup cans from your house.
2-1-6 Collect 10 water bottles from your house.
Danger zone Break or use everything possible in your shelter.
All thumbs Break or use something in your fallout shelter.
Cuckoo's nest Turn your fallout shelter into a madhouse (make all characters insane at the same time) (unconfirmed).
Gotta get 'em all Scavenge each item at least once.
Atomic Drill Complete the Government Endorsed Fallout Drill/Tutorial (Finish the atomic drill).
This is the end

It's all over (Get the raiders ending).

Rescue time! Get rescued by the military.
Bughunter Show those mutant roaches who's in charge (Spray the roaches after they try to talk to you by holding signs).
One way ticket Die in your fallout shelter.
Friend in need Find a new friend. (Obtain Pancake the Dog)
Family guy Rescue the whole family.
Tora! Tora! Tora! Ram 1337 obstacles in your house.
Lumbersexual Trim Ted's beard the trendy way. (Shave Ted with an axe and suceed)
Home, sweet home Get to the shelter before the bomb hits.
New species Mutant!!! (Transform Mary Jane into a mutant.)
Duck and cover! Survival is overrated. Stay to see the fireworks! (Don't escape the bomb while scavenging)
Miracle Listen to the voices from beyond. (Hear voices in the backround while playing the game)
New order Meet the local 'law-enforcement'.
Pro gamer In apocalypse mode only grab what a real gamer needs. (Grab the deck of cards and the checkers ONLY)
Unplugged Ram and destroy the toilet.
Enola Gay Win a game in every mode on Little Boy difficulty.
Manhattan Project Win a game in every mode on Fat Man difficulty.
A New hope Be saved by the twins.
Dead Hand Win a game in every mode on Tsar Bomba difficulty.
Cat Lady Learn and serve to obey the new masters. (Get all the cats, including the clones.)

Trivia Edit

  • In January 2017, "Rescue Time!" was earned by 0.4% of the players that played "60 Seconds!" less than "This is the end".
  • The "Manhattan Project" achievement is a reference to the secret project, led by the United States, that led to the development of the first atomic bomb.