Description Edit

Baby Bronco is one of the five known main characters in 60 Parsecs!. During the scavenging part of the game, he has five hands to carry things. When another character is scavenging he takes up three hands. Overtime, he'll grow a beard, as well as longer hair.

Appearance Edit

Baby Bronco has Caucasian skin, ginger hair, and a muscly build. He wears a green astronaut suit with yellow gloves, yellow boots, navy blue bendy joints, and a white collar.

Background Edit

Baby Bronco is an adult man, but a very simple-minded one. From a young age, his biggest asset has been his extraordinary physical strength and build. Due to this, Baby was manipulated by his small time crook parents and became a criminal himself. The parents were disappointed in him due to an "angel heart". The Astrocitizen Program is quite literally his escape.... and a second chance.

Stats Edit

Agility: 1 (Average)

Intelligence: 0 (Dumb)

Strength: ★ (Mighty)

Boost: Friendly [You can make friends faster.]

Captain's Goal: Become friends with at least 3 of your crewmates.