Although bug spray is used in several events throughout the game, it doesn't help the player's survival that much and therefore should not be considered as a scavenging priority.

Repairable: No

Tradable: No (Possibly yes since the DLC has many new events).

It can be used to fight with insects and in several other events.

If the player has the Bug spray but already used a Medkit (if in the shelter) there's a random chance that happens to replenish the Medkit by using the Bug Spray and the Boy Scout Handbook.

Events Edit

Medic! Requirements: Bug spray.

Summary: The player can use the bug spray to replenish the Medkit. The spray will be gone.

Spiders everywhere! Edit

Summary : The player can use the bug spray to make 1 soup can.

Mary Jane's birthday! Edit

Summary: The player can give Mary Jane bug spray as a present. The spray remains usable in oth er events


Summary: The player can use the bug spray to get rid of cockroaches before and after they get into the shelter.

Old Women Edit

Summary: The player can use the bug spray to defend the shelter from old women that attack the fallout shelter.



Trivia Edit

  • The Bug spray can be used to make a med-kit, though after making it, there is a chance that Ted or Dolores will get sick.
  • The Bug Spray can be used as a last resort defense item when certain raider events occur, although the family will probably be injured in the process.
  • The bug spray is often refered to as poison
  • Do not use the bug spray for Pancake. He will die.

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