Also see List of Grammar/Spelling Mistakes This page shows all the known bugs in the game. (Feel free to add)

  • Having an option to send someone outside on the seconds day disables The scavenge option (Unconfirmed)
  • Giving someone food or water at the day they leave the shelter has no effect. (Except for a scavenge.)
    • The person won't die by thirst or hunger when this happens with the exception of mutant Mary Jane.
  • Some text say nothing at all and do nothing. No event would have happened if the bug didn't trigger
  • Supplies you gain from certain events may go missing.
  • You can win the game and lose at the same time. This will cause you to lose the game.
  • When you give food to someone, they may appear hungry the day after being fed. This is however mostly visual and the hunger may go away the day after that.
  • If someone dies while going outside by certain events, they will still give you resources as if the person came back.
  • When you start up the game, it displays a black screen and you can't play
  • When a scavenge fails , you can still get resources from items you took on the expedition. (Like cans of food gained from the bug spray)
  • When an event occurs about giving food or water. If you select water or food you have a chance that you can not de-select it, and are forced to give that item in the event.

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