This is the general DLC page, which will hold general information and links to where you would find the specific information.=

Title: "What's in the suitcase?"

Release date: Friday September 12th, 2015 (Released!).

Developer(s): Robot Gentleman, Beren.

Hype rating (1-10): 8

What was hinted at:

Items: Suitcase, Padlock

Features: New ending: Survivor Rescue, new music and sounds, new scavenging function and new events.

Links: DLC Items, Events, Suitcase, Padlock.

Title: "Rocket Science,"

Release date: sometime around 2017 new year.... (Released)

Developers: Probably robot gentleman.

Hype rating: ???

What was hinted at:

Items: none

Features: Some features in journal and challenges

Links: Hats

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