Deedee Dawkins one of the five main characters in the game, 60 Parsecs!. During the scavenging part of the game, she has four hands to carry things. When another character is scavenging she takes up two hands.

Appearance Edit

Deedee Dawkins has blonde, and curly hair and Caucasian skin, and red lipstick, with a red and white polka-dot bandana in her hair. Her space suit is cyan with red bendy joints. Her gloves, boots, and collar are a much lighter shade of cyan. Overtime, her hair will get longer.

She can often be seen with a cup of coffee.

Background Edit

Deedee was a former junior athlete, whose promising career was ended by an untimely injury. As an adult, she eventually grudgingly comes to accept that the most exciting chapter of her life is behind her, working as a waitress ever since. Then, everything changes as a chance meeting with an Astrocitizen Program's representative reignites DeeDee's desire for achieving greatness...She joins the Astrocitizen Program in hope of regaining the confidence and finally becoming the champion she was always destined to be.

 Stats Edit

Agility: 3 (Limber)

Intelligence: 1 (Average)

Strength: 1 (Average)

Boost: Caffeinated [Your hunger decays slower.]

Captain's Goal: Make 7 successful attribute decisions of any type. 

Trivia Edit

  • In Scavenging mode, when compared to the other characters, she has the highest running speed, due to her Agility, making her become one of the best scavengers, next to Baby Bronco.
  • She is the only character who makes her cameo on a game "60 seconds", on Dolores DLC.
  • When Deedee is insane, she most likely has gained a paranoid fear of coffee.
  • From details in a game "60 seconds", it appears that Deedee Dawkins lives in a small apartment where the whole place smelled of coffee, filled with a ton of coffee beans inside her room. It can possibly tell that Deedee was really obsessed with coffee.