Description Edit

Emmet Ellis is one of the five known main characters in the game 60 Parsecs!. During the scavenging part of the game, he has four hands to carry things. When another character is scavenging he takes up two hands and is seen trapped in a tangle of wires.


Emmet is African-American. He has curly brown hair, a thin body shape, wears white shield glasses, and has an orange astronaut suit with yellow gloves and boots. Overtime, he will grow a brown beard, and his hair will grow out, too.

Background Edit


Despite his brilliant mind, Emmet has always been undervalued and misunderstood by his peers. Seeking scientific challenge - and to get away from his ungrateful job as a chemistry teacher - he signed up for the Astrocitizens Program, hoping this will be the place where he can finally earn the appreciation and respect he deserves.

 Stats Edit

Agility: 2 (Flexible)

Intelligence: 3 (Brilliant)

Strength: 0 (Wimpy)

Boost: Experimental [You generate a small amount of materials daily.]

Captain's Goal: Make five successful Intelligence attribute decisions. 

Trivia Edit

  • In Scavenging mode, he has the longest preparation time. Emmet will start with 25 seconds before the countdown begins, which gives the player enough time to explore around the entire space station to learn the layout and item locations. Due to his 2 points in Agility, he is also quite fast, but not as much as Deedee.
  • If selected as Captain, Emmet will produce 1 of each type of materials everyday (chemicals, minerals and power).
  • Emmet can be considered a high-risk character to send exploring due to his lack of Strength, but because of his high Agility and Intelligence, he is likely to return to the shuttle faster and bring more items than other characters would.
  • He is considered the best character overall due to his high Intelligence and Agility, his useful perk and his scavenging efficiency.
  • If Emmet was chosen as a crew member, died during the run, and the player got a good ending, he will be represented by his glasses being broken.