The Flashlight is an item that is used in many events. It is one of the possible requirements to get the Military Rescue ending, so it should be considered a priority during Scavenging. When it breaks, it can be repaired with the Boy Scout Handbook.

Appearance Edit

The flashlight appears to be a regular red flashlight. When broken, it has broken glass.

Events involving the flashlight Edit

Is it a Plane? Requirements: A Flashlight

Summary: After contacting the military via Radio, they will tell the player that a military airplane is flying over the neighborhood, and that the player must signal them with a flashlight. If the player doesn't have one or skip this event, it is repeatable, so the player can still get the military rescue ending.

A Dog?(Step 1) (Unofficial title) Requirements: A Flashlight

Summary: The player will be told that a growling is heard in the darkness of a spare room. Using the Flashlight will reveal Pancake, who will leave to come back later. (Pancake Events)

Fix the flashlight(Unofficial title) Requirements: A Flashlight and a boy scout handbook

Summary: The player will be told that he/she can try to fix the flashlight if he/she haves a Boy Scout Handbook. The player may fail or succeed. Members may be hurt if the player fails or suceeds.

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