Hunger or thirst is a status effect that occurs after ten days without soup and five without water. 

Gameplay effectsEdit

In the Journal, it will notify the player that one of the family members is thirsty/hungry or has become tired/fatigued/injured/sick/insane. Nothing will happen if the player doesn't give them water, but they may get sick if the player doesn't give them soup.


Starvation or dehydration appears when the player doesn't gives the family members food/water for 8/3 days. If they go 5/10 days without eating/drinking, they will die or leave the shelter. If someone is starving/dehydrated when they come back from an expedition, it is very important that the player feeds them and gives them water to them or they may leave or die.

Trivia Edit

  • A tip of the Boy Scout Handbook makes a joke on hunger and starvation, saying that hunger leads to starvation, starvation leads to death and death leads to nothing.

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