Description Edit

Maegan Mann is one of the five known main characters in 60 Parsecs!. During the scavenging part of the game, she has four hands to carry things. When another character is scavenging she takes up two hands.


Maegan appears to be an older Caucasian woman with dark brown and curly hair, big hips, large and round glasses, and wears lots of jewelry and makeup. The color of her astronaut suit is red, with a pink big collar neck and pine green joints. Her boots and gloves are a very light milky pink. Overtime, her hair will get longer.

Background Edit

After retiring and giving the venue to her own children, she is left without a purpose in life. Maegan craves a new purpose and new challenges, she does not expect much from that wacky Astrocitizen Program she has signed up for on a whim, but life might still have some surprises in store for her...

 Stats Edit

Agility: 2 (Flexible)

Intelligence: 2 (Brilliant)

Strength: 1 (Average)

Boost: Tough [You are less likely to suffer from poor health.]

Captain's Goal: Keep a full crew alive for 30 days.