The Medkit (also known as the First Aid Kit) is used to treat a member of all his/her injuries and sicknesses.

During Scavenge Mode, it takes up 2 slots during scavenging. The Medkit is extremely likely to be found in either one of the two bathrooms.

It can also be brought along as expedition equipment in scavenging to prevent harm from the person that brings it (doesn't protect against death). It gets consumed after the expedition if used. In addition, it can be used to help the family sleep better (prevents Tiredness). It can also be used to heal Pancake during his 4th time returning or for the birthdays of Mary Jane and Timmy.

Events Edit

FLAMES! (requirements: Radio/Boy Scout Handbook/First Aid Kit) (type: destruction event)

Flames happen in the shelter and the player is chosen to save a First Aid Kit, a Radio or a Boy Scout Handbook. The unselected items will be damaged. Like most destruction events, this event tends to happen early in the game, usually in the first two weeks.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can use a Bug Spray and a Boy Scout Handbook to make a First Aid Kit (only the Bug Spray will be consumed).
  • The medkit color has noticably been changed to green, nobody knows why, but its there. It's likely due to a red cross being an internationally trademarked symbol of the Red Cross via the Geneva Convention, which has caused this sort of change in many video games.

Gallery Edit

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