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A box of soup cans that can sometimes appear if the player has more than 5 soup cans.

Soup Can On Table

A consumed soup can on a table that can appear if a soup can is fully consumed.

Tomato soup is the main source of food for the family. Tomato soup comes in a large can, and when family members are fed, they each consume one-fourth of a can.

During Scavenge Mode, cans of Soup are most likely to be found in the kitchen, along with the cabinet halfway down the main hallway.

If a family member goes without soup for 11 days, he or she will die of starvation. However, if a character becomes hungry and days of feeding are missed, the character will remain hungry even after being fed, and the countdown to death of starvation becomes difficult to predict. Once fully fed, they can become hungry six days after eating, or if hungry, they can even die three days after eating. The best solution is to continue to feed the character until they cease being hungry.

If the final hunger warning is ignored, the family member will become Sick, and they can die up to five days later after missed feedings. If Ted or Dolores are alone in the shelter, he or she may even die up to a week after becoming Sick.

Trivia Edit

  • Ted may feed a roach a whole soup can while he is insane.
  • Despite the soup loading screen says that soup can be stored up to 737 years, in one of the suitcase events the expired soup found inside is spoiled.

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