Description Edit

Tom Thomson is one of the five known main characters in 60 Parsecs!. During the scavenging part of the game, he has four inventory slots to carry supplies. When another character is scavenging, he takes up two slots. His foot will be seen stuck in a bucket, causing him to be unable to walk to the shuttle.

Appearance Edit

Tom Thomson seems to be a middle-aged man on his mid to late 40s. He has brown hair (which used to be blond), an eyepatch on his left eye and a badge made out soup can parts in his spacesuit. His suit is yellow with navy blue joints and a white collar. He also wears cream coloured gloves and brown boots. His hair and beard will grow as the game continues.


Background Edit

Everyone's first impression of Tom Thomson is that of a decorated major: brave, courageous, a man who has seen it all. Sporting a dastardly eye patch and a coat of once-magnificent blonde hair, Tom believes to be everyone's dream come true, and the personification of the American hero. Except, none of this is true.

Tom Thomson was a dreamer from an early age. He developed a vivid imagination as a child, reading any fiction book he could find in the local library. The books filled his head with stories of greatness, daring explorers of the unknown, not afraid of anything or anyone. Enchanted by these vision, he wants to be the First Galactic Adventurer and lead a thrilling, action-filled life.

Stats Edit

Agility: 1 (Average)

Intelligence: 2 (Clever)

Strength: 2 (Fit)

Boost: Hoarder [Random chance for Tom to get Items.]

Captain's Goal: Send 3 successful expeditions on a strange, new world. 

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to Maegan Mann, Tom seems to be a jack of all trades, with two stats holding a score of 2, and one stat holding a score of 1.
  • In Scavenging mode, due to his lack of Agility, he will run slower than other members of the cast. This makes his scavenging weak, as he doesn't have other attributes to make up for his poor running speed.
  • As the captain, he seems to have the same concept of Emmet's "Experimental" trait, only instead of resources, Tom will occasionally spawn supplies.
  • Weirdly enough, when he's sitting on a chair on the left side of the gameplay screen, his eye-patch will be on his right eye, instead of his left eye. This is most likely because his game sprite was flipped, but one can also assume that he isn't actually blind on neither of his eyes.
  • During a good ending scene, an eye patch and a makeshift soup can medal that he wore will be shown if he died during the play-through.
  • your cursor would look like Tom's glove if you pick tom as captain.
  • He doesn't need an eye-patch, it looks like it was just a show off like that medal on his left chest.
    • Proof of this is that an event will occur that states "Tom wishes to reverse engineer some of our items to try and make them work better. Tom's eye-patch may change sides more frequently than a Cold war double agent, but his skills as a handyman seem legitimate. will you give him anything to tinker with?".
    • More proof of this is his special captain ending, where he doesn't wear an eye-patch at all and seem to look fine.
    • Another piece of evidence is if you reject him when he tries to become your soulmate. A.S.T.R.O. will note that "humans can still cry with both eyes even after losing one."