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  • I live in In a house
  • I was born on July 11
  • My occupation is I produce CO2 and get paid O2
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  • Dr Civilization

    This is the Blog of Shame, home to the usernames and IP addresses of the Noobs who went against the system -John Smith. The name/IP will be listed under the reason why they shamed this Wikia. If you see them on a different Wikia, beware!


    -Jimmy the Scout


    Posting false information:






    -Other IPs I havn't found yet.

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  • Dr Civilization

    If you have any suggestions, please post them here.

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  • Dr Civilization

    This is a factual page. Unless a miricale occurs, if you do something that is mentioned here, you will be punished. If you get 3 warnings, you will be blocked from promoting and will be fully demoted, 4 and you will be banned! Please comment your name at the bottom to show that you read this, we will message you if you don't, and if you don't comment a month after we meassege you, you will be fully demoted and after 2 months you will be banned.

    Things that will get you in trouble:

    1 Warning:

    • Edit an article with no real changes to get a badge.
    • Post information that is false without an exuse. (put in the comment that you are not sure and you won't get in trouble)

    2 Warnings:

    • Removing stuff from pages that should be on the page
    • Posting olviously fa…

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  • Dr Civilization

    I think that when you reach 150 points in badges or have a special case, like making 5 extremely important pages or something, that that should be enough to be mod, and that with either making two important pages or reaching 250 points should make you an Admin.  As of 9/22/15, there will be only 10 admins, 20 mods, and the already proclaimed 3 beurocrats (McWerto, Dr Civilization, and Alex.Sapre), or the power won't be balanced and it works fine as of now. This has been updated twice, on 9/22/15 by -Dr Civilization (talk) 16:56, September 14, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Dr Civilization

    I, Dr Civilization, and McWertos will check this as frequently as we can. If you have met the requirements (see the blog), then please put your application here.

    Please comment the rank you want:

    Mod, Admin,  Buerocrat;

    Why you deserve it;

    When you posted this;

    Your Wikia name;

    When you started working on this Wikia;

    And finally, your social security nubmer (-; JK

    Thanks for contributing!

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