This is a factual page. Unless a miricale occurs, if you do something that is mentioned here, you will be punished. If you get 3 warnings, you will be blocked from promoting and will be fully demoted, 4 and you will be banned! Please comment your name at the bottom to show that you read this, we will message you if you don't, and if you don't comment a month after we meassege you, you will be fully demoted and after 2 months you will be banned.

Things that will get you in trouble:

1 Warning:

  • Edit an article with no real changes to get a badge.
  • Post information that is false without an exuse. (put in the comment that you are not sure and you won't get in trouble)

2 Warnings:

  • Removing stuff from pages that should be on the page
  • Posting olviously false information (ex. Timmy is Ted's Mother)

3 Warnings:

  • Trying to misinform contributors
  • Trying to work behind ANYONE'S back

4 Warnings:

  • Profanity
  • Abusing your status
  • Threats
  • Scams
  • Links to off-topic websites
  • Ads

Your warnings will NEVER GO AWAY and you will always be blocked if you reach 4 Warnings. 

Thank you in advance for following these rules.